How to Sell a Home on Long Island

Without Expert Help, Selling Your Home Can Be An Overwhelming Process.

With years of experience selling homes on Long Island, you can rely on Michael as your trusted advisor through each step to sell your Suffolk or Nassau County house.

Throughout the process, Michael is available to answer questions and address any concerns that you may have. When you choose him as your real estate agent, you are in the hands of a genuine professional.

Get Your House Ready to Sell

At this stage, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Remember, it’s never too early to speak with an expert like Michael to learn how he can save you time and money.

Let him evaluate your home for free! He will tell you what it needs (and doesn’t need) to sell in the Long Island market. You’ll even learn how much it should sell for. There’s no obligation, so call now or send him a message!

“Set a timeline to complete repairs, clean, and stage your home to prepare for going on the market. Staging your home is as important as repairing it. It will make your home more appealing and likely to sell more quickly.”  Michael Rittenhouse

Place Your House On The Market

Long Island homes receive the most interest when first hitting the market, and get more showings if priced correctly. Price it too high above market value and you’ll miss out on the excitement surrounding a new listing. Later price adjustments often result in a lower final selling price than if priced correctly to start.

Michael uses a proven formula for success that includes marketing your home at the right price and using the right marketing materials at the right time. He knows that timing is everything with selling your home, and he knows the best time to show it to prospective buyers

Review and Negotiate Offers

With Michael fielding offers and counteroffers for your home, you’ll have a skilled negotiator working through all issues towards a favorable purchase contract.

Just as important, he can recognize when it’s in your best interest to pass on a particular offer.


Monitoring and assisting with the removal of seller contingencies, you can count on Michael to use his expertise to keep the process on track to a successful closing. 

When working with Michael, you can feel confident knowing that he will be diligent and thorough at every step of the process.

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